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Do you need a Worcester boiler repair or a Worcester boiler service? Has it stopped producing hot water?

Core Heating has been established since 2002 and our heating engineer specialises in Worcester Bosch boiler repairs and servicing. We understand how difficult it is without a working boiler, so we modeled our business so that we can act quickly. We offer a same day response*, so there is no need for you to be without a fully working boiler for too long. Or, we can book an appointment for another time if that is better for you!

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Bristol 0117 9109813 | Bath 01225 220014 | Mobile 07968 246049


Worcester Boiler Service

Due to the health risks of an unmaintained for boiler, Worcester Bosch highly recommends that your gas appliance is checked on an annual basis. We, therefore, will ensure that a thorough service will be carried out on your appliance. We promise that we will not rush through the inspection but rather give the boiler the due time and care it needs to make sure that it is up to current regulations. Please note, though, that your Worcester Bosch boiler needs to be fully working for a service to be carried out. If your boiler isn’t working, however, don’t worry, our heating engineer is a Worcester Bosch repair expert as well!

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Worcester Boiler Repairs

So, your boiler isn’t working as it should be. Is your boiler displaying a fault code? Here are a few common fault codes that we come across:

A7   Faulty hot water NTC sensor
A8   Break in communication to TD200 or/and DT10
B1   Faulty code plug
C6   Fan speed too low
E2   Faulty CH flow NTC sensor
E9   Safety temperature limiter in CH flow has tripped
EA   Flame not detected
F0   Internal error
F7   Flame detected even though boiler switched off
FA   Flame detected after gas shut off
Fd   Reset button pressed by mistake

Do you have a fault code that isn’t on our list? We can still fix it! Why not call us to see how we can help. Remember, we earnestly try our best to resolve the problem as quickly as we can. The majority of repairs are diagnosed within the first hour!

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