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Is your Viessmann boiler not working properly at the moment? Do you need an annual service? Need it done now?

We, at Core Heating, understand the difficulties of not having hot water or heating bring. In situations like these, you want your boiler repaired and you need it done now! That is why we have modelled our business to be able to act fast, meaning we can meet your needs without delay. We offer a same day response* so there is no need to be inconvenienced for long!

With over 20 years of experience with Viessmann boilers, you can have confidence that we can sort out your boiler problem. We are proud to say that the majority of repairs are diagnosed within the first hour of arriving on site. Please call us to see how we can help.

* subject to availability

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Bristol 0117 9109813 | Bath 01225 220014 | Mobile 07968 246049


Viessmann Boiler Servicing

Viessmann highly recommends that you have an annual boiler service. Why is it so important? Well, as with all boilers, when they are not maintained properly, they start to produce harmful by-products which can be hazardous to your health. We acknowledge the seriousness that this situation may bring, so we never rush a boiler service. Instead, we take as long as needed to carry out a full service, making sure that your boiler meets ALL current regulations. In doing so, you will have the added bonus of an efficient boiler which will run smoothly and help to keep the heating costs down.

Current Service Charges

The current charges for a Viessmann boiler service in Bristol and Bath are:

Viessmann Boiler Repairs

So, your Viessmann boiler isn’t working properly at the moment, Don’t worry, we can fix it! To start with, reset your boiler as the fault may rectify itself. With any fault, a fault code will be shown on the display. Take note of what it is and give us a call. Remember, we offer a same day response* so there is no need to without heating or hot water for too long.

Here are a few fault codes that you might see pop up:

10   Constant mode – Outside temperature sensor shorted out
18   Constant mode – Outside temperature sensor lead broken
30   Burner blocked – Boiler water temperature sensor shorted out
38   Burner blocked – Boiler water temperature sensor lead broken
50   No DHW heating – Cylinder temperature sensor shorted out
51   No DHW heating – Outlet temperature sensor shorted out
52   Burner blocked – Throughput sensor shorted out
58   No DHW heating – Cylinder temperature sensor lead broken
59   No DHW heating – Outlet temperature sensor lead broken
5A   Burner blocked – Flow sensor lead broken
A9   Regulated operation without Open Therm device – Communication fault
b0   Burner blocked – Flue gas temperature sensor shorted out
b8   Burner blocked – Flue gas temperature sensor lead broken
E5   Burner blocked – Internal fault Check the ionisation electrode and cables
E6   Burner blocked – Water pressure too low
F0   Burner blocked. Internal fault Replace the control unit
F1   Burner in a fault state
F2   Burner in a fault state
F3   Burner in a fault state
F4   Burner in a fault state
F8   Burner in a fault state
F9   Burner in a fault state
FA   Burner in a fault state
FC   Burner blocked Control unit or boiler coding card faulty
Fd   Burner blocked Burner control unit fault

Even if your fault code isn’t displayed in our list, please call us and we can get it sorted for you. Why not call us today and we will be happy to help.

* subject to availability

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