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We Provide a Comprehensive Boiler Service in Bristol and Bath for ALL Boiler Manufacturers

Is it time for your annual boiler service?
All gas appliances are advised, by the manufacturers, to be serviced every 12 months to ensure that they are working safely and efficiently. With this in mind, Core Heating will carry out a fully comprehensive gas service of the appliance to check that it meets current safety regulations. If not, then we will let you know what remedial work is necessary.

Please note: The boiler service can only be carried out if the appliance is fully functional. If your appliance isn’t working, don’t worry, we can sort that out too! Why not check out our boiler repair page.


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Why Is Regular Boiler Servicing So Important?

By having an annual service, your boiler will run more efficiently, which in turn, will cost less on heating bills and may even prevent costly repairs in the future.

We are all too familiar with the harm that carbon monoxide causes. This happens when the gas that fuels your boiler doesn’t burn correctly. Carbon monoxide can’t be seen or smelt but can have serious health consequences. Therefore, we at Core Heating strongly recommend that you install a carbon monoxide alarm so that you have peace of mind that all is safe in your home. Please ask us if you are interested in purchasing an alarm.

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What does a Gas Boiler Service include?

We provide a fully comprehensive boiler service and we will always check for the following:

•   Inspect the appliance for gas tightness
•   Inspect for satisfactory ventilation
•   Inspect inlet pressure
•   Inspect burner pressure/gas rate against manufacturer’s instructions
•   Carry out flue flow/spillage test to ensure the safe removal of products of combustion
•   Inspect satisfactory operation of all safety devices
•   Inspect the internal operation of the boiler for any signs of incomplete combustion
•   Inspect the flue to ensure it is safe, secure and to current standards
•   Report any unsafe operation to a responsible person.

The following symptoms indicate that your gas boiler needs to be inspected:

•   An irregular or yellow boiler flame
•   Stains or smoke marks appearing on or near the appliance
•   Unstable pressure on the heating circuit, i.e. high/low pressure
•   The boiler pilot light goes out repeatedly.

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