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Do you have a Glow Worm boiler that needs a service or repair? Do you need it sorted straight away?

Core Heating was established in 2002 and our heating engineer, Andy, is a Glow Worm boiler specialist. We understand that when your Glow Worm boiler breaks down, you need it fixed immediately. That is why we offer a same day response* within the Bristol and Bath area.

* subject to availability

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Bristol 0117 9109813 | Bath 01225 220014 | Mobile 07968 246049


Glow Worm Boiler Servicing

When a boiler is poorly maintained, it can produce harmful by-products and this is why Glow Worm highly recommend that you service your boiler every year. Having regular boiler services, greatly mitigate the risk of poor combustion where high levels of carbon monoxide are produced. It also makes sure that it is running smoothly and safely within your home as well as reducing your heating bills as it will run more efficiently.

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Glow Worm Boiler Repairs

Is your boiler in need of a repair? Is it displaying a fault code? Here are a few fault codes that we come across:

F1     Ignition fault (lockout) Boiler failed to light
F4     Ignition fault (lockout) Went out when lit
F5     Overheat fault
F6     Central heating flow thermistor fault
F9     Water pressure sensor fault
F10   Central heating return thermistor fault
F11   Main board connection fault
F12   User interface connection fault
F13   Main PCB connection fault
F14   Central heating flow temperature is too high
F16   Flame detection fault (flame presence for more than 5 seconds after burner stop)
F17   Power supply is less than 170V
F18   User interface fault
F19   Central heating thermistor unplugged
F20   Software incompatibility
F21   Lack of water fault (pressure is less than 0.5bar)
F22   Upper water pressure (is greater than 2.7bar)
F24   Central heating return temperature is too high
F25   Maximum temperature rise slope
F26   Maximum delta temperature

Do you have a fault code that isn’t in the above list? Don’t worry, we can still fix the problem! To start with, it is worth resetting your boiler as sometimes this rectifies the problem. If it doesn’t, please give us a call and we can come and help. Remember, we offer a same day call out*, so there is no need to be without a fully functioning boiler for too long!

* subject to availability

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