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Is your Ferroli boiler in need of a service or repair? Has your Ferroli boiler stopped producing hot water? Need it fixed now?

We understand how urgent a situation like this is. Therefore, we have arranged our business to respond quickly to your call. We offer a same day response* to your boiler repair, so there is no need to be without a fully functioning boiler for long! Otherwise, we can arrange a time to suit you.

Not only can we respond quickly, but with over 20 years experience in repairs and servicing, our heating engineer is a Ferroli boiler specialist. We pride ourselves in the fact that the majority of repairs are diagnosed within the first hour!

* subject to availability

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Bristol 0117 9109813 | Bath 01225 220014 | Mobile 07968 246049


Ferroli Boiler Servicing

Ferroli acknowledges the importance of maintaining your boiler with an annual service. All boilers have the potential to produce harmful by-products. By having a regular boiler service, you will mitigate the effects of the situation. We will carry out a thorough service, giving your boiler the time and care that it needs to make sure that it meets with current regulations. Why not give us a call to make sure your home and family are safe.

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Ferroli Boiler Repairs

Occasionally, your Ferroli boiler will need to be repaired. Is it displaying a fault code? Here are a few fault codes that are common:

A01   No burner ignition
A02   Flame detected with the burner off
A03   High limit protection
A04   Flue gas fault
A05   Fan problem
A06   No flame after the ignition phase (6 times in 4 minutes)
A41   Flow sensor disconnected
A42   Flow sensor fault
F07   High fume temperature
F10   Flow sensor fault
F11   Return sensor fault
F12   DHW sensor fault
F13   Exchanger probe fault
F14   Flow sensor fault
F15   Fan problem
F34   Supply voltage under 170V
F35   Irregular mains frequency
F37   Incorrect system water pressure
F39   External probe fault
F42   Flow sensor fault
F43   Exchanger protection activation
A61   Controller fault
A62   No communication between controller and gas valve
A63   Internal error
A64   Internal error
F66   Internal error

Don’t worry if the fault code that you are experiencing isn’t on the list, we can still fix it. Try resetting your boiler to see if your fault rectifies itself. If not, please give us a ring to see how we can help.

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