Biasi Boiler Repairs and Servicing in Bristol and Bath

Biasi Boiler Repair | Biasi Service | Bristol and Bath

Does your Biasi need a repair or service? Is your boiler not producing hot water? Need it solved without delay?

Core Heating is a Gas Safe registered company (number 197332) and we have been established since 2002. We understand how inconvenient it is when your boiler stops working, so we modelled our business to offer a same day response (subject to availability). There really is no need to be without a fully functioning boiler for very long.

Biasi Boiler Service

Biasi recommend that you service your boiler every 12 months. This will make that your boiler is working safely within your home, mitigating any potentially hazardous situations. We will not rush through the service. Rather, we will give it the time and care that it needs to ensure that your boiler is working according to all current regulations.

Please note: To carry out a service, your boiler needs to be fully functional. However, if your boiler isn’t working, don’t worry, we are specialised in repairs too!

The current service charge for boiler servicing in Bristol and Bath for domestic properties are:

Combination Boiler / System Boiler = £80.00 + VAT*
Fire = £80.00 + VAT*

*Extra cost will be incurred if parts need replacing during your boiler servicing

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Biasi Boiler Repairs

From time to time, your Biasi boiler will need a repair. It may be displaying a fault code. Here are a few that we come across:

ER 01   Lack of burner ignition on safety lockout
ER 02   Safety thermostat intervention lockout
ER 03   General lockout
ER 04   Faulty primary circuit (no water or absence of flow)
ER 05   Faulty fan control system
ER 06   Faulty temperature probe NTC
ER 08   Faulty external temperature probe NTC
ER 09   Faulty flue temperature probe NTC
ER 10  Flue probe interven lockout
ER 14  Faulty pump or primary temperature above 105 ̊ C
ER 15  None or too low water flow. Probably due to a faulty pump
ER 16  Possible exchange of NTC probes (Flow or Return)
ER 17  Faulty temperature probe NTC (Flow or Return)
ER 18  Faulty primary circuit (no water or absence of flow)

If your fault code isn’t listed above, don’t worry, we can still fix it! Before you pick up the phone, it is worth resetting the boiler to see if that rectifies the problem. If not, please give us a call and we will be pleased to help you out…

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