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Do you have an Alpha that needs a boiler service or boiler repair?

Core Heating are Alpha boiler experts. We specialise in service and repairs of all Alpha models and understand that when you want a job done, you want it done straight away. That is why we arrange our business to provide you with a fast, same day* response. If, on the other hand, you want to book your appointment in for a specific time, that is fine too!

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Bristol 0117 9109813 | Bath 01225 220014 | Mobile 07968 246049


Alpha Boiler Service

Alpha strongly recommend that your boiler is serviced on an annual basis. An unmaintained boiler can bring high health risks, so an annual service is vital. It will mitigate the harmful risks of carbon monoxide and will ensure that your home and family are safe. We will make sure that a full service is carried out on your boiler. We will not rush the process, rather we will make sure that your boiler is running according to Alpha’s current regulations so that you have peace of mind.

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Alpha Boiler Repair

From time to time your boiler will need to have a repair to getting back in working order. You may experience a fault code. Here are a few that we come across:

01   Ignition failure
02   Overheat boiler lock out
03   High flue thermostat temperature
04   Gas valve electrical connection fault
05   Heating flow sensor fault
06   DHW sensor fault
08   Maximum number of resets
10   Primary system pressure low
12   Cylinder sensor fault
15   Internal wiring error
16   Fan fault
20   Flame sensing fault
24   Control panel button fault
25   Overheat lock out
27   Insufficient primary flow
29   Flue sensor fault
31   Loss of communication with external control (Alpha Climatic)
37   Low supply voltage
38   Loss of flame rectification
43   Loss of flame rectification
44   Safety lock out
46   External sensor intervention
47   Reduced burner output

Even if the code you are experiencing isn’t on the list, don’t worry, we can fix it too! Firstly it may be worth resetting your boiler to see if that rectifies the error. If not, please give us a call so we can fix the problem. Remember, we work on a same day response so there is no need for your boiler to be out of action for too long. Why not give us a call today. We will be pleased to help…

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